The next generation CRM customer relationship management for managing your customer, prospects, staffs or memberships. Its flexible structure can provide the best fit solution to tailor make for your environment.

Alternative CRM Software

Tab-CRM is an enhanced version of software of the popular customer relationship management (CRM) system from SuiteCRM. It is an open-source alternative application compared with other solutions such as SalesForce Pro, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP etc…which is supported by a large user of community with high frequent of updates

Budget-value and flexible

Compare to these solutions, our solution is cost effective and highly customizable.
It is the best for no matter global corporate or a startup.

Good Track Record

The project originated from 2015, a famous expo company in China contacted our founders about having a customized CRM solution of its shows. Hence, we decided to choose SuiteCRM as foundation due to its flexibility, easy to customize, low-cost but high performance. Now, we have developed several variations of Tab-CRM, and support more than 10 expo(s) in China area and South Korea area. Besides, we also integrate with their enterprise architecture such as Oracle Eloqua, Jublia Matchmaking, Prismlite etc…

Data warehouse solution

Above of this, we are developing Tab data warehouse which store all the data from Tab-CRM
for our client of further processing and business analytics.